Southern Virginia University

  • Front end
  • Back end
  • Cloud hosting
  • SSR
  • Migration
Full Stack Web Developer

Southern Virginia University first came to me with an outdated and vulnerable system in need of help. Their WordPress website was two versions behind, hosted on an overpaid and poorly managed server, and a disorganized file structure.


It is a daunting and cumbersome task to migrate entire systems, especially one that has been used for over five years. I first began by doing research on hosting providers. They were paying roughly $1000 a month for their current websites. I estimated a possible savings of $800 by the end of the migration.

I concluded to use the Google Cloud Platform as it offered an array of services with easy to learn documentation for future onboarding developers. A serverless architecture was then adapted for the websites.

Judging from their team's experience, I decided to move forward with Vue as it was an easier transition.

The new website is set for release this year.

  • Vue
  • Wordpress
  • GCP
  • Admin dashboard
  • Blog
  • Sorting system