Find Me

  • Mobile app
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  • Back end
  • Cloud hosting
  • Analytics
Bridging the gap between IOS & Andorid.

Find Me will help you and your friends keep close and create memorable events. All this for FREE with secure real-time updates.

Bridging the gap between IOS & Android devices.


It can be a tricky process deciding the approach for developing an app. However, thanks to my partnership with Google, it was a no-brainer to take advantage of Firebase and Flutter. Both tools helped me build the app faster without sacrificing quality.

Firebase made it almost too easy to implement a real-time database, secure authentication, analytics dashboard, and marketing tools. I've been using Firebase for over two years now and have yet to be disappointed.

Firebase is both accessible for web and mobile, so now creating an effective web alternative for those without access to the app will be seamless.

Flutter is a newer tool and would typically receive skepticism. To make matters worse, it required learning a new programming language, Dart. Nevertheless, it has received positive feedback from thousands of developers worldwide thanks to its solution to a single native codebase and support from Google.

Ultimately, it'd cut my time from having to develop two completely separate apps. Therefore, I chose Futter as the framework and have yet to regret it.

Find Me | Find & Group website
  • Vue
  • PWA
  • Firebase
  • Flutter
  • Real-time location updates
  • Add & remove friends
  • Quickly call or text friends nearby
  • Edit your profile